White Blossom


The ultimate basic that assumes various situations. Riders, producers, and users involved freely draw styles from here, using "White" as a canvas that is not bound by style or color.

List of Brands

White Blossom

A new project starting from 2023FW.
The keyword is "White" as the direction and style is completely plain and pure, and "Blossom" also has the meaning of flowers blooming from here.
We are committed to JAPAN MADE from design to production, and strive to create high-quality products with the utmost quality.
The graphics are based on domestic landscape photography, street photography, and designs by domestic artists, and convey the essence of Japan through the products.

Brand Lineup


If you order a bright star from today, make Brillian your partner.

A sharp jump reminiscent of tap dancing, and a beautiful carving that is proportional to the relaxed singing ability.

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An image of a single flower blooming in the snow.

Turning that draws a wonderful arc with a strong presence even in deep snow.

A high-spec landscaper that combines a graphite base with excellent gliding properties and lightweight biaxial glass ultralight poplar.

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Brand Others

  • Brillian Bara

    Myidor transforms into a brilliant star who moves freely on stage

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  • TurningBLUE

    Thefun makes riding even more enjoyable with the cheerful Fantasista

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  • AM423

    AM423 to give you the best performance from the moment you wake up

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This gives you the best performance right from the start.
The soft flex makes it a good fit for any fantasist. The shape is good for smooth transitions from slow pace to tricks.

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  • スノーボード,パウダーボード


    Powder boards are snowboards optimized for sliding in deep snow, offering high buoyancy and maneuverability.
  • スノーボード,カービング,カービング スノボー


    A carving board is a highly stable snowboard designed to allow for sharp, high-speed turns.
  • オールラウンド,スノーボード,スノボー


    All-round boards are versatile snowboards that can be used on a variety of snow conditions and terrain.
  • スノーボード,フリースタイル,フリースタイル スノーボード


    A freestyle board is a flexible, lightweight snowboard that is perfect for performing tricks and jumps.
  • グラトリ,スノボー


    A Gratriboard is a flexible snowboard designed for fun terrain tricks and spins.
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Various information

Various information

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