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Ideal for everyday skiing, snowboarding, competitions, and for storage and transportation. ZOOM GRAPHITE is a hydrocarbon wax containing micro-graphite to reduce static electricity. Melt it with an iron and apply it well to the running surface. Cool at room temperature for 2 hours, scrape thoroughly, and finish with a brass brush (or a brass and horsehair combination).


In order to effectively apply wax, the mixing method that has been commonly used up until now requires a considerable amount of information and knowledge, such as snow conditions, crystal shape, snow temperature judgment in 2°C increments, humidity, and sun exposure time. In reality, most cases are used ignoring this information. Dominator has taken this reality into consideration and completed the simple thermoactive system "Zoom Series" that requires no prior knowledge and can bring out the best performance. The Zoom Series has a special function that judges changes in snow conditions by snow temperature and changes the hardness of the wax. This characteristic changes the hardness over a wide range from 0°C to -10°C, creating a wax with high sliding performance. There is also a Bullet to accommodate snow temperatures below -10°C (-8°C for coarse snow) that Zoom cannot handle. Zoom & Bullet is a dream wax that performs well in pure competitions with the minimum necessary knowledge and wax.

NEW SNOW (snow within 3 days of snowfall) & OLD SNOW (snow 4 days or more after snowfall)

Aside from experts who can identify snow crystals, snow that has fallen for up to three days is generally considered new snow. New snow has crystals that do not change and have sharp edges, and snow exposed to sunlight (including cloudy days) begins to transform immediately after the snowfall stops, usually changing from the sharp crystals of the freshly fallen snow to crystals with rounded edges within three days. Old snow is snow that has been on the ground for more than four days. The crystals become rounded and other substances (dirt, natural substances, etc.) are added, which creates more friction.

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